Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Spring Jacket

library-3681I was so excited about this project.  First I found and fell in love with this cute seersucker that I found at  A Fabric Place.  Then, Dan came up with the idea of making a little jacket with it and I found a “simple” pattern for a jacket in my stash.  I put simple in quotation marks because I believe this pattern was marked quick and easy but it very nearly killed me.  The blasted sleeves on this thing are so small I don’t know how… I cannot conceive of any way that you could possibly put this thing together entirely by machine.

 It started out so easy, I was breezing right through it.  But the sleeves, oy, the sleeves.  I ended up having to stitch them on by hand.  Seriously, I had to do something before I gouged my own eyes out with a seam ripper.  Even the free arm on my machine was too wide to fit inside the sleeve.  The whole ordeal was almost as infuriating as the whole easter egg roll ticket debacle.  

Meanwhile, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  It could stand a good pressing and the placement of the buttons looks a little wonky in the photos but I thought it looked fine live, as it were.  Now that I’ve lovingly stitched the thing together practically entirely without using the f word by hand, I’m thinking it might be cute for her to wear in professional pictures since we have yet to take her for any.  That’s pretty bad right?  I don’t know how it is that we’ve just never gotten around to it.  In any event, I hope Chase gets to wear it at least once before she spills grape juice down the front of it.  The pattern is McCalls 5697.  You can see another version of the jacket here.  I don’t know what I missed.  I was pretty sure it was just some kind of mental failing on my part but in poking around online I see that people love making this jacket… in sizes 7-14.  There probably aren’t as many issues with the set-in sleeves with the larger sizes.  I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever made anything for her with sleeves on it before.  I’ve definitely never encountered this problem before.  I can tell you right now Chase will be several sizes larger before she gets anything with sleeves on it again.  

I went to the fabric store yesterday and picked up some fantastic fabric.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.  A few more pictures:


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