Sunday, March 29th, 2009


library-3678Cheers!  I accidentally titled my post Cheers last night even though I didn’t end up writing anything at all that pertained to the word.  What I was thinking about was the dinner we had with our neighbors on Friday night.  On Friday I had court in Belair in the afternoon.  Belair is probably less than an hour from here but it’s still a jurisdiction that I don’t get out to that often.  Even though they have a huge big-box shopping district they also have a super cute main street.  I took some time to look around on Friday since I didn’t have to be on the clock all day.  I stopped into Tiny Toes, an extra-cute baby children’s boutique.  The kind where you can get into a lot of trouble.  Then I stopped into Cafe Savona for a sandwich and, this is where I get to the point, I picked up some frozen pizza dough.  We’ve been trying to perfect a homemade crust but I think that this stuff was still way better and easier to work with.  The pizza was ok but the fun of having pizza with friends was the best part.    

Sometimes, as much as I want to have people over and have a good time it’s really hard for me to let go.  I have a tendency to get so uptight and self-conscious that it makes everyone feel ill at ease and that’s, well that would be unsouthern.  Anyway, the pizza wasn’t perfect and the kitchen floor could have used a good scrubbing but we had a good time all the same and to me, that’s nothing to sneeze at.  

The biggest news of the weekend is that Chase told me that she had to use the potty and then did.  After that she told me that she didn’t want to wear a diaper and then used the potty again later!  I’m stoked.  Of course, she pooped in her pants later but baby steps.  Not a whole lot else happened.  We got going on the joint sandbox project on Friday and got it filled up.  It’s frickin fantastic Chase will sit in that thing for hours and dig and she loves it.  

So you’re going to start thinking of me as the the little lady that cried wolf.  I worked on another garland but you’ll notice that I still haven’t posted anything in the shop.  I got cold feet.  I don’t know what I’m doing here and don’t know if I’m ready to jump in with both feet… and I believe that you have to jump in with both feet.  That’s where the hesitation comes from.  Other friends that have launched Etsy shops have been so thoroughly prepared going into it that I feel like maybe there’s something I’m missing.  Plus, when do I ever go into anything fully prepared.  Around 9 o’clock this evening I thought that’s it I’m just going to post the stuff and see where it goes.  It’s now 11 and there’s still nothing up there.  That’s partly because Forgetting Sara Marshall was like 3 hours long but also partly because I’m all freaked out about it again.  That movies is hilarious by the way and one of three that I watched over the weekend.  Twilight came in and I watched that too.  It was ok, very middle of the road.  It didn’t have anything on the book except I will say that, having read all four books at this point, I never had a clear image in my mind of what Edward looked like in the sun and the movie kind of filled that part in for me.  I kind of like that.  

Ok, so the weekend in a nutshell.  I particularly like the one that is just a sheer expression of joy… and I owe it all to our neighbors and their sandbox.  Such a simple thing, a sandbox but she’s thrilled!



I call the new garland spring flowers.  I AM going to post them up in the shop.  Tomorrow.  I’m just going to sleep on it one more night, k?




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