Sunday, April 5th, 2009


library-1286Chase got a t-ball set and a few other toys for the yard.  I think it’s a toss-up between baseball and bowling fun-wise, but you can hit the ball farther in baseball which leads to a chorus of me get it, me get it!  We also made our own bubble solution with dish detergent and Karo syrup.  It’s supposed to make the bubbles bouncy and easy to blow the way commercial bubble solutions are.  BUT, I doubled the recipe and, if I try it again, I won’t double the amount of Karo because the result was pretty goopy.  It’s also hard to teach proper bubble blowing technique when the soap is sort of sweet.  Poor planning on my part.  It did make pretty good bubbles though.

We had a little bit of a long weekend.  We did come back early with the idea of spending Sunday at home though.  I just can’t seem to face the week without adequate time to mentally prepare for it unless it’s an absolute necessity.  On Friday I had court in Salisbury which is about half an hour from Ocean City so we headed out there after court on Friday morning.  We found a nice place on the beach that allowed for pets so it was truly a family vacation.  The weather was nice and we spent time on the beach looking for shells and trying not to let the waves lap at our toes.  

It’s not beach weather yet but it was nice and the beach is pretty empty at this time of year so you can truly soak in how beautiful and amazing the ocean is.  Chase was so blown away.  She’s been to the ocean before but not since she’s had this much language.  She had a lot to say about it.  She’s still talking about horses, water and the other home.  We weren’t there long but it was just long enough to recharge a little…. a little.  

On Saturday we visited Assateague Island.  I haven’t been there since I was a kid.  I wanted to show Chase the wild ponies.  They really are breathtaking.  I hate that people don’t respect the rules about feeding and approaching them but what can you do about stupid people on short notice?   I often say that I’m going to punch someone in the face but I’ve never actually done it.  Like I said, we had a good time.  But then again, I think I’m an off-season, off the beaten track type of a girl.  

Here are a few more pictures from our little trip:

library-1275I love this one.  At some point I turned around and said, omg, Ben look in the back.  They were pretty snuggly.  

library-1207One of the ponies at Assateague

library-1248A silly picture of Chase after our little picnic.  Note that it’s warm enough to go barefoot but she still insisted on wearing her ‘hat blanket.’

library-1125Watching the waves roll in.

Ok, so because I know you’re bored by looking at pictures I cross-posted on fb, here’s a little gem for you.  Chase toooted in the bath and looked at me and asked was that me?  Was that my body?  And then she asked me if it came from her belly button.  Clearly we have some things to discuss.  



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