Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Wow, Easter!

library-1309You’ve already seen most of the pictures, but here I am to tell the story!  Considering that we’re not practicing any sort of formalized religion, Easter’s not a huge, big deal kind of a holiday here.  I was struggling just to imagine it right up until the very last minute.  We ended up spending the night with Ben’s sister.  The kids got a chance to play and then found their baskets in the morning and sat around gorging themselves on chocolate and jelly beans.  We slept in a loft type area that looked down on a great room.  Chase got out of bed and hung around up there for a few minutes before looking down to the room below and exclaiming, my basket, my basket!  There’s something in my basket!  It was very cute, she was so excited about it.  So for all of my worrying, I forgot the beanbags at home and Chase ate plenty of jelly beans.  Oh well, what can you do?  Anyway, I’m so glad we decided not to stay home because Chase really had a lot of fun.  


Later, we went to an easter egg hunt at Ben’s brother’s house.  All of the kids took off running into the yard.  Except, that is, for Chase who combed along the foundation for all the eggs hidden there that everyone overlooked.  She found plenty of eggs even though she was moving slowly.  We have a lot of candy.  It’s times like this when I wish I was a little less exacting about my candy preferences.  Then we headed back to get ready for the next round of egg hunting.

When I heard we might be able to get tickets for the White House Easter Egg Roll I was thrilled.  Then I found out I might have court on that morning.  I tried to settle the case but couldn’t.  I got ready for trial but I persevered with my attempts to settle the case.  Oh, and yeah, the dispute was over (drum roll here) $374.  Can I tell you how much I didn’t want to miss the roll over 374 bucks?  Seriously.  I never was able to settle the case and I did end up having to go to court on Monday.  For about 5 minutes or as long as it took me to dismiss the case.  Apparently, the debt had been repaid.  Awesome.  I know the insurance company has nice deep pockets and doesn’t mind paying their lawyers the big bucks to sit in court all morning but I had places to be!  

The story has a happy ending.  In spite of multiple contingency plans that I devised with Ben the night before, I had plenty of time to get home and then get back down to DC with Chase.  I got the tickets in my hot little hands and then we were off!  To wait in line.  And wait and wait.  The line waiting seemed interminable.  The first line was ok.  It took you through the ticket-takers and metal detectors and I thought that was it but no.  Then there was the inside line.  The worst line because it wasn’t at all clear what you were waiting for or how long you’d be waiting for it.  Apparently though, we were waiting to actually get onto the grounds and once they opened the gates everything was fine.  Great in fact!  

We ended up having a lot of fun.  The sun came out and it got nice and warm.  We walked around and did a little egg hunt, made a jump rope, saw Clifford and Jose Andres (you know, something for mom, too) and took some pictures.  We left before Ziggy Marley came on mostly because even though I thought it would be cool it was getting close to 5 and Chase doesn’t dig concert level sound anyway.  So we headed out and to what is easily the MOST incompetently staffed Cosi anywhere in the continental US to have coffee and cookies with Erin.  Except they didn’t actually have any cookies, or TBM’s or fruit cups or raspberry lemonade.  I mean honestly, I needed food!  The whole day was a lot of fun even with the driving and waiting.  We even got a souvenir egg!  I put it in my little chick egg cup in the china cabinet so it can sit and collect dust in style.  :) 

I put Chase in the little jacket I made for her and thought it was just right for the occasion.  I found a little dress at Target that matches perfectly and I unveiled her new summer sandals.  You have no idea how hard it was to keep those from her all this time.  Then I re-hid them last night because it was raining this morning when I got out of bed and I didn’t want to have to explain why sandals aren’t a good choice for rain.  I barely managed to get dressed.  I tried to keep in neat but ended up in jeans.  I decided not to brave the south lawn in that morning’s heels.  Plus, I have the plague.  The cold is gone but the cough remains and then I got pink eye.  It totally stinks.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning which means that when I wake up tomorrow I’ll be totally fine again.  So many pictures!  I guess that’s what happens when you have so many events in so little time and blog the lazy man’s way on FB :)

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