Sunday, April 26th, 2009


library-15541It’s not clear whether it’s spring or summer.  It was so hot today that it definitely felt like summer but there are still no mosquitos so I guess it’s spring.  The weekend, as always, was fun but too short.  I have a full week at work ahead of me and as soon as the sun set today my mind became unable to relax and focus on anything else.  

Yesterday we had a nice cookout with our neighbors which is alternately referred to by different people as impromptu bbq or stone soup cookout.  The kind that comes together with whatever you’ve got around (plus chicken wings if you can convince your husband to go out and get them for you).  When the meat was off the grill Ben put on some pineapple spears.  I think that’s going to be my go to summer dessert grilled pineapple and ice cream or sorbet.  I’d forgotten how much I like raspberry sorbet.  It’s delicious.  Oh, and molten chocolate cake but only if somebody else makes it for me.  

The weekend was kind of slow and lazy in spite of the fact that Ben was at a conference all day Friday and most of Saturday.  I like these weekends best and it was much needed after a series of on the road weekends and busy weeks.  Hopefully they will be plentiful all summer long.  Then I’ll only have to figure out how to make the sandbox and sprinkler work together without causing a huge mess in the kitchen.

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