Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Hump Day

library-1656Memory followed us home from Target last week.  I was curious about whether Chase would be ready for it or not.  It turns out to be a pretty fun way to pass a few minutes if you limit the game to about ten pairs or so.  We’re still working on it but she mostly gets how the game is played and it’s nice to take a break from hi ho cherry-o.  

So what have you been up to?  I’m still slogging away and trying to get stuff done in my current fog of uselessness.  I sat down and stitched together a felt kethcup bottle for Chase’s kitchen.  I thought that it might break me out of my creative slump and even though I was pretty happy with how it turned out it accomplished no such thing.  AND to add insult to injury Chase took one look at it and, even though she was pretending a baby bottle was a bottle of ketchup last week, told me she didn’t want it.  You just never know what that girl’s going to come up with.  

So I’m trying mightily to clear my schedule on Friday so that I can partake of a whole lot of nothing.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can get it done.  I haven’t had a Friday off in a good long while even though I don’t technically work on Fridays.  I’m trying not to spend time daydreaming about all the fun things that we could do on Friday just in case but it’s not easy.  My short list includes the aquarium or the zoo, making some more few felt food for Chase and thinking about maybe cleaning up a little but probably not getting to anything.  Maybe I’ll even spend some time thinking about how not to go broke for lack of meal planning and constantly eating out.  

Bring on Thursday, I’m so ready for the weekend.  Finally, I would just like to point out how everyone is constantly complaining that Spring gets skipped over in Maryland but here we are having beautiful cool weather and nobody so much as mentions it.  Human nature I suppose.  What have you been up to?

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