Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Meep Meep!

So I’m not totally exhausted tonight.  I actually felt like writing something here for a change.  My poor blog has been suffering and lonely lately.  In spite of feeling less than  sprightly lately there has been no shortage of exciting events going on.  One of our cars was totaled a couple of weeks ago so we had to put some time into finding a new one.  We finally settled on a Prius and after much haggling we finally drove off the lot satisfied that we probably got a reasonable deal.  I’ll tell you, there is nothing fun about car shopping… nothing.  It was literally a fight to the death right up until the moment I signed on the dotted line and drove away from the dealership.  A deathmatch of wits and stamina to see who would get to keep the last 700 bucks on the table.  That must be the appeal of Saturn and Carmax.  I had no idea that we were going to drive away with a new car but we went for a test drive and I fell in love.  It has a back up camera!  I pulled off the lot on Friday with a full tank of gas and as of today have only used 1/8 of a tank after running errands all weekend.  Did I mention that I love it?  

With the car out of the way we spent some time this weekend thinking through the week’s dinners.  So far so good.  Tonight I made this chili from Fine Cooking and was really happy with the results.  Pureeing some of the beans with the tomato and chipotle is really an interesting technique and it really made this a quick dinner.  I bastardized this salad from Ina Garten (courtesy of Erin, thanks for the great tip!) and subbed it in for the plain avocado topping called for in the original recipe.  The chili is REALLY good with lots of limey avocado on top and a dollop of sour cream.  I’m just glad I did it.  It’s so easy to fall into a rut of take out.  So easy, too easy.  My only goal for tonight is to pick which of the 5 meals we planned to do tomorrow.  It’s my only goal, I can do this!  Right?

Here are a few pictures from memorial day:


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