Friday, June 5th, 2009


That about describes where I am right now.  Which is fine except I spend a lot of time being very hungry and standing in front of the open refrigerator and wondering how it’s possible for it to be so full and yet so devoid of anything edible.  Sometimes I go to Trader Joe’s and buy all of the appealing snacks hoping that it will be enough to keep me going for a while.  And for a short time I’m happy but it never lasts and I find myself once again wondering why there’s never anything in the house to eat.  Other times I think I can beat the problem by planning out more substantial snacks to make ahead and keep on hand through out the week.  Like veggies and dip or hummus.  The problem with that is that inevitably I grow tired of whatever it is or decide that it’s not what I want at the moment and it goes bad before it all gets eaten.  So, what I need is an arsenal of snack ideas.  What are things you like to keep on hand for a quick bite.  I’m leaning toward more substantial and healthful snacks but am not opposed to chips either… if only guacamole would keep in the fridge.  Some things that I’ve come up with are quick nachos and quesadillas made with mozzarella cheese and tossed into the mic and crackers and cheese, apple sauce.  Not much but it’s a start.  Please help!  I need ideas.

I have tried everything to motivate myself to not watch tv all night every night and have failed miserably in all my attempts.  I tried organizing, getting a good book from the library and finally, my most recent attempt to buy some sewing supplies that might get me inspired to do something useful.  I ordered to patterns from Oliver+S that I’ve been coveting for quite some time.  Then I ordered a few more Alexander Henry prints.  The idea is to put together a few cute mix and match pieces in coordinating fabrics for Chase to wear this summer.  I was inspired in large part by this post.  I didn’t adhere to all of the suggestions but I had some fun planning it out anyway.  Of course, that post was written in March and I’m getting started in June but it’s been cold and rainy so I figure I still have a little time.  I hope that the fabric I ordered gets here soon so that I can supplement with some more stuff.  I’m thinking about linens and cottons in solids but I want to wait to have the actual fabric in my hot little hands before I do anything.  Here’s what I got:


There are a few others I was tempted by and am still considering:


But I think I have enough prints.  Oh, right, the patterns.  I ordered this one  which include a short-all and this one.  I’m still pretty excited about it and hope that everything arrives before it fizzles out.  Enough whining for now?  Hey, at least I’m writing. :)

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