Sunday, June 7th, 2009


library-1763Thanks for all the great snack ideas.  I picked up cheese, nuts, salsa and a bunch of fruit among other things and I am feeling much better.  I also did a tiny bit of menu planning.  I have 5 meals planned for the week and I am cautiously optimistic that I can keep up.  I did buy a frozen pizza just in case I need a plan b.  I probably should have done more prep tonight than I did but Chase was crying first about her teeth (I can see her second set of molars coming in) and then about her teacher at school.  I tried to explain how if she just went to sleep school would come that much quicker but she cannot be reasoned with.  

The Charles Village Festival was this weekend.  It’s famous in our house because the annual arrival of the moonbounce is much anticipated.  I know, she’s only 2 but Chase LOVES a good moonbounce.  And would you believe that it actually stopped raining in time to enjoy the weekend?  Yep, it sure did.  It was fantastic.  Burgers on the grill wrapped up a great weekend.  Burgers need fries and fries need great mayo for dipping.  This recipe crossed my desk today (and by desk I mean the side table beside the sofa cushion upon which I am forever seated) so I decided to do it.  Really good.  I don’t think I added the whole half cup of olive oil but I did add a healthy splash at the end.  

So 4 of my 5 packages came on Saturday and I started cutting the first dress.  Yesterday I bought the coordinating solids that I wanted to get and thread and all that jazz.  I was hoping to start working on it today during nap time but I took a nap instead.  My plan is to start on it tomorrow.  

library-1721It’s really hard to get a good picture of a kid on a moonbounce but still a lot of fun!

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