Friday, June 12th, 2009

Completed :: Oliver + S Tea Party Dress

library-1790It’s done!  AND I met my goal of finishing one project this week in spite of the fact that I cut it last weekend and then didn’t touch it again until today.  This is a one afternoon dress that comes together easily with excellent results.  Next time I may try adding in the flat piping but the dress is super cute as is too.  

I want to immediately get started on the next piece.  I’m just not exactly sure what that’s going to be.  Chase is thrilled about the cats.  I still feel kinda badly that I threw all the pattern designer’s advice for selecting fabrics out the window and went with this loud print.  But I love love love these Alexander Henry fabrics and, quite frankly, don’t think I could pull them off myself.  Lastly, the pattern calls for using a hem facing but I ended up putting in a narrow hem which I think is totally fine.  I cannot wait for Chase to wear this tomorrow.  I’m gonna tell everyone the wrinkles are from her wearing it.  : )

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