Saturday, June 20th, 2009

I Heart Weekends

Don’t you?  Although it started slow (and hella early), Saturday made a good recovery and had a strong finish.  We spent the better part of the morning in various lines in Target dealing with picking out a father’s day present.  It wasn’t necessarily Target’s fault but by the time we left there I was sweating and hugely annoyed.  Then Chase fell asleep on the way back for exactly 7 minutes and that was the only nap she took this afternoon.  I did however convince her to rest on

 her bed for a bit while I left to go check out pile of craft and she may or may not have slept for a little while then  

Between Target and Pile of Craft I spent way too much but I did get some nice stuff.  I was so good this week.  I ironed a blouse to wear each day AND wore a necklace so I bought another to supplement my little collection.  I first met Elisha at a workshop at the Creative Alliance.  She tells me that she’s now focussed on her jewelry business full time and selling on Etsy.  Not only is her jewelry beautiful but she’s a lovely person too.  It was hard to choose but I settled on a cute silver necklace.  You can get one just like mine right here (although mine is not oxidized).  You can see how it looks here with my cute new dress that I found at Target.  I don’t usually find clothes at Target because I’m a little hard to fit but it’s hard to go wrong with a little knit wrap dress like this and it runs in extra small.  I took some shots of my tiny baby bump but I don’t think I’m ready to post any just yet.  


I started putting together the puppet show tunic.  It’s a little more challenging than the tea party dress but it’s coming together nicely all the same.  I would love to wrap it up during nap time tomorrow but I doubt I’ll be able to do it.  I’ll probably have to put a few more hours into it.  But you know what?  I’m totally ok with that because I got a call this afternoon to let me know that the trial on Tuesday that was going to require me to go in on Monday settled.  Now Monday is free and clear.  Seriously, call me any time, day or night, if you want to tell me I don’t have to work.  Anytime.

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