Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Really Good Bread

library-1851Focaccia!  Bread can be dinner right?  It was tonight anyway.  Well bread and soup.  Sure, it’s the middle of June but hey, I like soup and honestly what’s the difference between buying it an Panera (which I do I won’t tell you how often, but often) and making it at home?  From start to finish the bread takes about an hour.  I mixed the whole thing by hand and it came together more quickly than pancakes.  There are only three ingredients to remember.  I could easily commit this one to memory and will definitely be making it again.  

I made this tomato soup that I’ve written about before.  I added some basil and chives from out back and dropped in some cold bocconcini.  The soup warmed them up but they were cold enough that they didn’t turn to goo in the soup.  What really thrilled me is that Chase actually dipped her bread into her soup and thusly ingested some of it which is otherwise unheard of.  

You can find the recipe here but I can’t screw it up for you.  That’s completely up to you.  I still have about half a pan left which I will either serve along with a tuna nicoise type of a salad tomorrow for dinner or maybe for sandwiches for lunch.  I wish I’d made a double batch but I guess I could always just mix up another.  It’s not as thick and chewy as some I’ve seen before.  This is the first time I’ve made it though so i can only assume that it turned out right for this recipe.  In any event, I prefer it this way it’s similar to a Cosi type bread and will easily separate into two layers for sandwiches.  Did I mention that this is a completely pantry-based meal?  Important to those of us to disorganized and/or lazy to get the grocery shopping done.  I do have a recipe for a fresh tomato soup that I hope to try this year though.

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