Monday, July 6th, 2009

Progress: Puppet Show Tunic + Shorts

library-1974Seriously, I still haven’t put in the hem or closed up the elastic casing but the whole thing is very nearly almost done.  Definitely by the weekend.  I’m really digging all the red.  I think it’s a good color for Chase.  I think she doesn’t wear enough of it and I don’t know how I didn’t notice sooner.  

I worked on these shorts all afternoon.  I cut them earlier this week or maybe last week so the actual construction took about 2 and a half hours or so maybe a little less than that.  They’re generally simple but definitely have some tricky parts.  Lots of gathers.  I like that they’re cut as only two pieces to cut a couple of steps out of the construction process.  There’s a lot of use of bias binding which in and of itself is a simple process but it’s a little fiddly for me and I find it a little hard to work through.  Not that I like putting in a narrow hem either but I have a special foot for that.  

I didn’t bother to cut the binding for the hem on the tunic.  I’m using single fold bias tape in a matching color and that’ll be that.  Overall, I’m really happy with this little outfit and could make a few more pairs of these shorts.  These ones are red linen and I’m pretty sure that I bought a denim too and a twill in coordinating colors.  I still have two more yards of fabric to use.  I have to find my master list.  I can’t remember what I planned to use them for.  A puppet show dress I think and maybe something else from the tea party pattern.  


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