Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Art Wall

library-2019It took me a while (a long while) to figure out what to do with this empty wall in Chase’s room.  After 6 months of preschool however, it suddenly became clear.  The artwork was piling up all over the place.  The fridge is covered and recently I put a bunch of pieces away in a big envelope for later which didn’t feel quite right either.I’m pretty sure there’s a variation of this in The Creative Family.  It’s a pretty simple idea but I couldn’t find anything about it online.  Maybe it’s too simple.  Not fancy enough.  No matter, Chase was really tickled when she got home from school and saw her work hanging on the wall.  I used some cute hooks and mounted them using 3M strips (yeah!) so I can take them down whenever.   I suspended a couple of lengths of bias tape between the hooks and called it a day.  The pictures are hanging there on some plain old clothespins that I found in a closet upstairs.  Painting the clothespins might be a fun project for another time.  

It’s kind of sparse at the moment but a few more Fridays and I’ll be looking for a new spot.  Overall, I think it makes her little tale area a little cozier.  It was almost impossible to get this shot and it’s lousy.  So, I took one more and if you take them together you can kind of almost get a sense of what it looks like.  Kind of.  Almost.library-2020

I found that little house at the thrift store and I’m torn between a couple of ideas.  I was thinking about fashioning it into some kind of doll house.  Maybe painting it white and repurposing stuff into or finding some suitable furniture.  In some ways I think it’s a cute and simple idea for a doll house (and I saved all of my samples of Flor carpet tiles).  On the other hand, my dad never finished the awesome Victorian style wooden dollhouse for me.  It required several thousand shingles and a wiring kit.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Or I could get her an updated version of the Calico Critters house I had.  I loved my Calico Critters.  

I often find myself torn between good ideas and what I did or had as a child.  In fact, I had the same thought earlier today as I loaded my library books into my McDonalds fry tote (you can have one too! Although mine is cooler without the stripes on top)  I bought that tote somewhere because it’s clever and because of all the good memories I have of eating McDonalds fries out of a little box just like that.  I put the bag in the trunk and smiled at my memories and then realized that while Chase has finally been introduced to freezer pops and Hugs, she has NO idea what McDonalds is.  She’s eaten plenty of french fries, don’t get me wrong, but will she be able to fins a Five Guys tote when she’s thrifting in her 20’s?   So how do I solve the dollhouse dilemma?

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