Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Simplicity 3713 :: Quick and Dirty Shorts

library-0004Shorts and gauchos that is.  I stitched both of these tonight instead of watching tv although I did keep it on at, what is probably, an inappropriately loud level to keep me company.  See, now these pants are called gouchos.  So in 10 years, Chase won’t say things to her friends like ‘my mom made me wear culottes’ …right?  

No matter, how many simple pairs of shorts I buy Chase just never seems to have enough.  Right now we’re totally overrun by simple tops with nothing to wear them with.  I bought this lightweight denim to use with the Puppet Show shorts but I need something  right now, no fooling around.  No marking, no pinning, no gathers, just straight seams.  I haven’t actually tried them on her yet but they look about right.  

I stitched on some ribbon I had, which doesn’t match perfectly but will probably make Chase happy enough that she’ll put the shorts on without saying I don’t like these more than once or twice.  Now that I’m sitting here writing this, I realize that I had an even simpler pattern for shorts that I should have used but I’ve been wanting to get into this pattern for over a year now.  It’s really the tops and short sleeved hoodie that I’m interested in but they’ll just have to wait a little longer.  What’s another year at this point?  Tomorrow I’ll try to get a picture of them on that girl of mine but thought I’d check in :)

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