Monday, August 10th, 2009

Project :: Fat Quarter Diaper Changing Pad

library-2232I was going to title this post cloth diaper changing pad but I couldn’t figure out how to place or not place hyphens so that it didn’t sound like a pad for changing cloth diapers instead of a changing pad made out of cloth.  Grammar is so tricky.  Then, my camera wanted to be tricky.  I had exactly enough battery power left in my flash to take exactly two pictures.  My flash batteries always disappear very suspiciously.  When questioned, Ben said, No, he didn’t know where he could find me a set of batteries.  However, upon further probing, it appears that he borrowed them for the wii remote.  Not cool.  The battery dying in the wii remote is not life or death and I don’t care if I don’t use my camera every day.  

It’s finally been hot like summer here for the last two days.  Everything in the yard if fried except for my freakishly hardy basil.  The grass is so sad.  The good news is that we had rain tonight.  The storm was so bad that it knocked out the satellite and the changing pad was born.  This is just the prototype there are some adjustments I have to make.  I would also like to prewash and square off the diaper panel with a rotary cutter because they get all wonky in the wash.  

I like this project because it’s quick and cute.  I’ll keep this one for the new baby but I would really like to make more to give away as gifts to my friends. I library-2236always have good intentions about these kinds of things but unless I get a special request and then constant hounding about where the stuff is I stink at follow through.  

I might do it though.  It might be worth making a little tutorial on how to put this together.  It’s pretty simple.  Just center a prefold on the right side of a fatquarter.  Turn up the edges and pin.  Stitch bias tape of ribbon over the raw edges and it’s done.  Then I added a button and a loop closure made out of a hair elastic to keep it folded.  It’s just the right size for folding a diaper and one of those tiny packs of travel wipes inside.  I made something similar for Chase and really liked it because you can just toss it in the wash to clean it, very easy.

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