Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Stuff and Junk

I needed some retail therapy this week.  Just a little to take my mind off of work.  Sometimes you just need to get lost in the aisles you know?  So I spent two lunch breaks at Joann which turns out to be totally doable from my office and spent some time at the mall today.  The mall is a dangerous place.  I hadn’t been there in a long long time but then broke the seal last week when I went in for a maternity suit.  Did I tell you about that?  Yeah, not a bathing suit, a full on jacket and skirt type of get up for court.  It’s not awesome,it’s just ok.  But a suit that’s just ok, shouldn’t cost as much as a lovely suit from Anne Taylor.  It just shouldn’t.  Not when you only need it for a couple of months.  It’s not right. 

So walking through Joann’s their new fall stuff called to me.  I brought home a couple of yards of soft corduroy and have already put together a cute pair of fall pants with cute knee patches.  You know I love simple pants but I took an extra 2 minutes with these and put in flat felled seams and everything.  They had a cute jumper on display that I feel prey to also and came home with a new pattern to try and a few other things including some wool felt for making slippers and booties and these.  Just fantastic.  I should be busy for a while.  At least until September when these cuties are released.  I have my eye on some other fabric that I might need to order at some point too.  The theme seems to be in the vein of turquoise and brown and pumpkin.  Very exciting.  My other purchases are significantly less exciting but I will say I’m thrilled with Williams Sonoma at the moment for crediting me with the full price of the old crappy pepper mill we had toward the purchase of a (supposedly) better new one.  Did you know they would do that?  Yep, they stand by their products.  

In other news, I’m 21 weeks into this pregnancy and it seems to just be flying.  Not that I’m not looking forward to a nice bottle glass of wine but hey, slow down just a little.  This time around is way different than it was with Chase.  I find myself taking tums and I feel like a whale already.  I don’t look huge but I can tell I’m bigger this time cause my belly button’s already out and I don’t think that happened last time until around Halloween.  

Last time:                                                                                                       This time:


No, I guess it’s about the same.  I still feel like a whale :)  But it’s ok when I’m wearing my new all purpose awesome dress.  I have nothing more comfortable than this dress, nothing.

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