Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Market Weekend

library-2269I woke up with the sun this morning.  I finally stopped fighting it, got out of bed, made myself a cup of decaf, but still no signs of life from upstairs.  Left to my own defenses I came up with a list of things to do and convinced myself that I was up for another market run.  We used to go to the downtown market a lot but for the last year or two have switched to a walkable market that runs year round.  Ben stayed up late working but Chase eventually woke up so we struck out list in hand.

The downtown market is huge.  They had to move the section for artists across the street to a completely separate location.  They used to be blended but now the entire original market is food only.  Chase decided she prefers downtown.  It has kettle corn.  It’s pretty amazing.  I thought we ran out of bacon so I bought two pounds and I bought a pound of Carolina shrimp since I always talk myself out of buying the farm raised shrimp from China.  The price is comparable so if it’s good I’ll stick with it.  We got more tomatoes because I can’t stop eating tomato bacon sandwiches with basil.  I tried it once because we had no lettuce and now I’m hooked.  Plenty of mayo please.  

Tomatoes and red peppers were the only veg I bought today.  I bought the rest of our fruits and veg for the week yesterday.  The red peppers are for pepper jelly.  I bought more jalapenos than I thought I could ever use but since I’ve been eating them hot out of the oven wrapped in bacon now I don’t know (thanks Erin!).  I bought blackberries for jelly but ended up not having quite enough fruit so I mixed them with some mystery berries that I froze a while back but neglected to label.  They turned out to be strawberries so I made a batch of mixed berry jam.  So the jam is done.  I hope to do the pepper jelly tomorrow and then move on to some pickles.  Though I don’t have a good recipe.  Have a good recipe for dill pickles?  I have a new book with a recipe that looks good but nothing tried and true.  

Oh, and about the sheep mask.  They were handing them out at the market.  The reverse is a $1 off coupon for the Maryland State Fair.  It starts on August 28.  Looks like we’re going this year.

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