Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Thinking About Pizza and Singing a Song

library-2315That’s what I was doing when I drove to Bowie instead of getting on 97 after the Bay Bridge.  It’s not even like I didn’t have time to get over for the exit, I never even saw the signs.  That’s ok though because I did ultimately get the pizza.  I’m still loving Iggie’s even though Ben refuses to compromise with me and make it our standard pizza for eat in or takeout.  He’s in love with the memory of a delicious pizza that we just can’t find anywhere.  Real, greasy, street food type pizza.  I just don’t think there’s anything that truly fits that description anywhere near our house but he keeps searching.

This was a particularly long, but if I do say so myself, successful week.  I had my last appearance of the week today in Easton.  I’ve never been to downtown Easton before.  Cute, cute cute!  I treated myself to an iced coffee and a turn around the toy store which are all in walking distance to the courthouse.  I found this cute, albeit kinda ugly, play mat.  It’s cool because it has roads and rails and zips up when you’re done to make a little carrying bag with a handle to hold your cars and trains.  I thought to myself, this is ok, it’s just a small treat.  Of course, I wouldn’t have felt as compelled if I had known what Chase had been up to today.  

Apparently, the kids had a visit from the folks at Chipotle.  Apparently, they made guacamole.  However, gauging by the swag she came home with it was some kind of early Chipotle indoctrination.  As if I haven’t done enough of that on my own.  All of the kids came home with a name tag.  Hopefully not the first in an extensive collection of name tags and hair nets.  They were also sent home with a squeezy stress burrito which has found a new home in the play kitchen as a quesadilla.  I tried to explain about burritos but she likes to eat quesadillas at Chipotle.  Last but not least a t-shirt that reads, I’m sustainably raised… I eat Chipotle.   Oh, and a gift card for a free burrito.  Who do you think pays for a visit like that?  My tuition for the guacamole and gift card or Chipotle for the free advertising?  I shouldn’t complain too much Chase was really excited about the chips and guacamole.  Here she is showing you her burrito:


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