Monday, August 31st, 2009

Felt Crowns

pepitamady1Look at those faces!  This weekend was too much fun.  It was the official weekend of birthday parties.  We spent the WHOLE day on Saturday eating cake and candy, running and screaming, moon bouncing and all other manner of party craziness.  I didn’t do so much running and screaming, mainly because after party round 1 I was totally beat.  It took me all day Sunday to recover and I still had to go to bed early.  Chase has amazing stamina.  

The parties were for two of Chase’s sweet little friends.  How cute!!  Little girls that needed birthday crowns!  Chase had a cute birthday hat for her birthday but it wasn’t particularly personalized.  So I made one for each little girl in the color and style I thought they would like.  Now I have to make one for Chase’s birthday for which, incidentally, she has asked for a baby with eyes that close.  Check out this great tutorial.  It’s easy to modify the pattern to look however you want it to.

I’m feeling so inspired by this project and have a bunch of ideas that I’d love to work out.  Of course, this happens all the time and I always lose steam too quickly.  That and my friend Shannon gave me a special project to work on that I’m really excited about.    

Not to mention that there are birthdays and Christmas that are mere months away to think about.  AND I just saw this post about the new Alexander Henry collection.  I try to branch out but seriously if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?  I’m practically salivating.  Between Monkey’s Bizness and Natura I’m going to need a second job.  What it’s really got me thinking about now is getting this new little one’s room going.  While we were away in Ontario we picked up this mobile.  These fabrics are perfect for curtains, a quilt and… and.. and.

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