Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Public Service Announcement

library-7744 This is the last weekend for the State Fair.  You must go!  We had so much fun.  We all did… I think.  How could you not?  Chase didn’t want to help me milk a cow or  pet a calf but she did pet one of these tiny pink piglets.  They suckled like crazy.  Mama just lay there, sound asleep with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.  In some ways I can sympathize.  I also though that my prior experience would help me on the cow milking front but, yeah, it really didn’tlibrary-7741.  For two bucks you get to milk the cow, an ice cold bottle of milk and a goodie bag with a bunch of random crap in it.  Two bucks well spent!




library-7745We wandered through the cow palace and out to the picnic tables.  Lunch, of course, was overpriced but for pit beef and sweet tea that were pretty good I can’t complain.  Then there was ice cream and ben couldn’t resist trying fried Oreos.  They weren’t bad.  They tasted a lot like a chocolate glazed donut.  Not chocolate frosted, the kind that’s chocolate all the way through.   

Then there were the rides.  It took us a while to find the baby rides because we went right at the entrance instead of left.  Live and learn she only got a little scared on the super slide and to see her watch the video of it you’d think she wasn’t scared at all.  

library-7777So go if you can, it’s a great time.  And if you play your cards right (I think that means standing around long enough to give out free computer advice), you can score some extra ride tickets from a nice carnie and ride all day.  My last bit of advice?  Take light rail and avoid the parking nightmare.  We found a spot relatively easily but by the time we left people were parked all over and all of them had tickets.

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