Thursday, September 10th, 2009

New Pants, Pictures and Cheese

dsc_0005I took this picture of Chase today wearing her new pants.  It’s not the first day of school but I was still excited that it was cool enough this morning, and would stay cool enough all day, for her to wear the new cords I made her to school.  Excited as I was I didn’t remember to take a picture of her this morning.  So I got a picture tonight… after she was exhausted and totally engrossed in d-d-d-dora.  I have a real love hate relationship with Dora.  The songs are so catchy.  Just catchy enough to get stuck in my head for hours.

However, to look on the bright side, she came home in the pants she went to school in which means look ma, no accidents!  She also does seem to really like her new pants and particularly the hearts on the knee patches.  Hopefully they won’t be the only pair I get done this winter and I have to get moving on the two jumpers I have ideas for.  


See how she doesn’t even look at the camera any more when I take pictures?  She halfheartedly says cheese.  I think things may have gone horribly awry here considering that she also finds it perfectly normal to ask me to take a picture of her toasted cheese.  

Back to work for me.

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