Thursday, September 17th, 2009


library-8050I think I took pictures weekly with Chase.  I think the last picture I took this time was 6 weeks ago.  I’m pretty freaked out about how quickly this pregnancy is going.  26 weeks!  This week marks the end of my second trimester.  There’s like no time and we haven’t even thought about paint yet.  The whole room is in shambles and nowhere near being ready for me to even think about doing anything with it.  I wish I had a stronger urge to nest then I could really whip this place into shape in general.  

I do have a big ol awesome day off tomorrow though so my goal is to attempt to get some work done unlike the other days off I have where I sit around and watch daytime tv.  My goal is to make a to do list before hitting the sack tonight.  I think that’s an attainable goal.  I think.  Not for the next hour though.  For the next hour it’s just me, Heidi and Tim.  I think this picture was taken around the same time with Chase.  

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