Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Taking It Easy

library-8137Aside from a quick appearance in court this morning that’s what we did today.  I hope that taking it kind of slow today will keep the sickness at bay.  I definitely feel better today than I did yesterday.  The sore throat doesn’t seem to be threatening anymore and C seems to be in good shape too.  No sense in getting worn out at school as she does at the end of the week or being exposed to unnecessary germs.  

library-8142So we watched some Dora, read some magazines, blew bubbles, and made some pie. So hand pies.  They’re interesting.  I ended up making three hand pies and a free form tart from a double pie crust recipe and using enough filling for one full size pie to fill everything.  In my head I wanted to make several pies to freeze but based on this experience that would take a lot of crust and a lot of apples.  I don’t know if I have enough patience to roll out all of that dough.  I think this is it for pies for a while.  I definitely prefer to make cake.  

I was complaining about the handprint on my curtains when I was reminded to look change my perspective, slow down and remember the tiny handprint with the picture.  So I did.

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