Sunday, September 27th, 2009

This Weekend

library-8220As of Friday I was unsure but the verdict is in.  Best 5 day weekend ever.  I feel like I had enough energy to get some projects done AND enjoy doing them.  I managed to put some pickles up.  These babies probably cost more than it would to buy them considering the first 7 pounds of cukes I had didn’t make it.  These came home from the market yesterday and were safely in their jars within 24 hours.  That’s my window if they sit in the fridge any longer than that they’re goners. library-8204Unfortunately, they’re packed into tiny jars.  I couldn’t find any liter sized jars.  If they turn out well I’ll source jars for next year.  Last year I used a recipe from Joy of Cooking which turned out meh.  This recipe is from The Complete Book of Pickling by Jennifer MacKenzie.  I picked it up while we were away this summer.  The recipe is for extra-garlic garlic dills and Chase was in charge of portioning out the garlic so hopefully they’ll be hold on to your hats kind of pickles which is how we like them.  

I was going to write an entire post about the process.  I’ve only made quick pickles before.  This recipe uses a two day process where the pickles soak in brine for 12-24 hours.  I got a picture of the cukes soaking.  Then today I got everything set up.  Got my pot of water on and going.  Started packing the jars and the next thing I knew the kitchen was HOT and there was steam everywhere.  No time for photo ops.  I only swore loud enough for the neighbors to hear once.  Not bad.  

library-8214The owl dress is complete!  Which is important because it’s decided, this year there will be a Halloween party.  This is Chase’s party dress, she’s going to be very excited.  I had to drag Chase out of the Halloween aisle at Target.  She liked being scared by the motion activated snack bowls again and again… and again.  Halloween falls on a Saturday this year.  Crazy.  Doesn’t seem like it happens that often.  So save the date!  I even bought candy corn.  

library-8225Next up is a new, or hopefully a couple of new, nighties for C.  There are a couple of new badges in my sidebar.  One of them being for the Sew, Mama, Sew pyjama party sew-along.  Fun, no?  It runs through September so I figure I can get one nightie done.  My friend turned me on to a new local source for fine fabrics and so I have everything I need to get going AND you can too (stay tuned for a little de-stashing give away that I have planned for this week!) 

But the REAL highlight of the weekend?  Ben’s big score.  I never keep much cash on hand but I can usually fish a wrinkled dollar bill from the depths of my purse if I’m motivated.  I managed to turn one up yesterday to help Ben score a whole box of WWII gliders.  You know the kind that come in a paper sleeve with a little plastic propeller.  You just pop all the pieces together and let them go.  Much plane excitement on the block this weekend because we had just the perfect amount of wind to sail a glider right out into the street.  They must have been sitting around in someone’s basement for a while though because they have definitely lost some of their resilience.  One nose dive and, well, it’s a good thing we have a whole box.  



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