Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Mission Accomplished :: Pajama Party Sew-Along

library-8234I totally did it!  The nightie is complete but I don’t know why I bothered.  It was a lot harder than this easy pattern should have been.  I used McCalls 4505 and used view A for the simple slip.  It wasn’t difficult for any fault of the pattern and it wasn’t even because I’m not feeling 100% or tired.  I actually really liked the pattern and will definitely use it again.  It was purely a result of fabric selection.  I know now that I NEED Sandra Betzina’s book Fabric Savvy I can’t afford to keep taking it out of the library. library-8231There’s no way around it.  The fabric is some kind of dotted swiss type stuff which is perfect in some ways.  Chase’s room stays TOASTY in the winter and I’m of the mind that you wear less pyjamas and use more blankets.  That’s just the way I like to do it.  So for those reasons a lightweight nightie is perfect in this house year round. 

On the other hand, I should have known that this wasn’t the right fabric when it was so hard to cut.  It’s not true dotted swiss I don’t have any idea what it really is.  I think that’s kind of the thing when you buy from Guss’ you’d better know what you’re dealing with aka buy at your own risk.  It was a pain to cut and an even bigger pain to sew.  That’s not entirely true.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what the problem was, I just didn’t love working with it.  I’d like to make this again using some of the nice shirting that I bought last weekend.  I think the result will be much better.  Much.  I do like the lace trim on the hem though.

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