Friday, October 2nd, 2009

On the Needles

library-8241C’s pixie hood is almost done.  I would sat it’s probably about 80%.  I have about another 1/2 inch to knit before doing the three needle bind off to shape the hat.  After that, a couple of rows of ribbing and it’s voila.  I think this time I’ll use I cord for the ties.  Although I hate making I cord.  Easy but tedious work.  library-8238

I’m kind of excited to get this done.  Ben asked me to make him a beanie so I went out today and bought some more Cascade.  I love this colorway.  He asked for plain gray but this caught my eye and I just couldn’t leave it behind.  I have no idea how it’s going to knit up.  Will it be stripey?  I’m going to make him a close fitting cap with a wide rib all the way up.  I think it will be very stylish.  

After that?  I want to make socks that look like this.  Fabulous striped socks that go all the way to her knees.  I did do a little sewing tonight. A mask for tomorrow’s birthday boy.  I hope he likes it.

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