Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Stepping Out

library-8249I’m trying to put some miles on the owls dress while the season is right.  Our girl is ready to be out and about in the big city and wearing the poncho her grandma made her too.  She’s all set.  Except for shoes.  She’s going to need a pair of everyday shoes.  Something to bridge the gap between her running shoes and her boots.  I need shoes too.  I can’t even think about shoe shopping this weekend though.  Maybe next week.  I still haven’t taken the dive into shoe shopping online.  Maybe on day.

library-8250I took this picture this morning on the way from breakfast at Pete’s Grille to the market.  We got an early start this morning so we were able to easily find a spot at the counter.  Payment is cash only and the cheese is American but what a load of fun.  The waitress was good to Chase and she got a big kick out of watching the cook make her giant chocolate chip pancake.  Besides, all things being equal, I’d rather keep my twenty bucks in the neighborhood than give it to IHOP.  

The body of the pixie hood is done.  I’m going to finish picking up the stitches along the front and finishing off the ribbing on the front of the hat.  Almost done!

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