Friday, October 9th, 2009

The Last Warm Days

library-8312I used to be skeptical of our corner store.  I’d never been inside.  But I’ve decided to embrace it because sometimes you need a little incentive to make it the last 2 blocks back from the park.  And by a little incentive I mean a giant multicolored popsicle that stains your hands and face a crazy shade or red-orange.  library-8329

Looks like my ability to keep up with posting regularly has tapered off a little.  My stress level ramped up a little toward the end of the week which I think took the wind out of my sails a little.  So even though I was crazy productive on Monday.  I didn’t get my next giveaway up or get to any of the next projects on my list.  But I have a few days off now and next week looks relatively calm so I’m optimistic that I’ll jump right back in.  The crowns are ready, I’ll take pictures tomorrow and get them up and posted asap.  

I’m going on 30 weeks here.  That means my due date is less than 90 days away.  10 weeks.  Can you believe that?  Monday I have a sonogram to follow up on growth and I’m looking forward to getting a peek inside there.  I have some guesses about what pointy parts are located where.

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