Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


But before we get to that fun project I thought you might enjoy a sneak peak at the crowns I put together this week.  This is a shot of just one of the four (FOUR!) I made this week.  Two will go in the shop, one’s being donated for a fund raiser and one, dear friends, is for you!  I just have to sort out which ones are which.  

library-8346I still haven’t finished the Halloween garland project that I started on Monday but I did get to the repurposing project that I was supposed to start after that.  A few weeks ago a neighbor gave me a sweater.  An adult sized sweater that felted in the wash.  It was already somewhat smaller than it had been.  Too small for an adult to wear but too big for a child.  It was really her idea.  She though that it could probably easily be modified to fit Chase so I agreed to attempt it.  So it started out looking like this which, I see now, doesn’t tell you a whole lot.  I should have taken a picture of myself in it to give a frame of reference size wise.  

library-8371In any event, I cut a few inches off the bottom and from each sleeve.  Then I cut the sleeves off and cut up the side seams of the sweater.  I used a commercial pattern for a frame of reference and cut off some of the excess fabric from the sides and the armholes.  Then the sides got stitched up and the sleeves reattached.  I used some embroidery floss and put a little blanket stitch on the raw edge.  It’s pretty cute. 

And now I’m thinking about what else I could repurpose into something cute for Chase.  We went to the mall and then out to dinner in Towson and all the college girls thought her fall sweater was cute.  Unfortunately, now I’ve broken the seal on the mall and now I want to go back without anyone to slow me down.  I really need a new pair of shoes.  I know exactly what I want but can’t seem to find them anywhere.  It’s frustrating.  One of these days I’ll take some time and just go go go until I find them.  

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