Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Apples + Hopscotch + Pumpkins


About sumarizes the weekend.  The weather was so crappy yesterday that we stayed in our pyjamas until lunch time but today we hit the ground running bright and early.  We drove out to Lariland Farm in Howard County.  I was underwhelmed by the farm itself but it appears to be the only place still doing pick your own apples AND they still have raspberries.  library-8405It takes no more than 10 minutes to pick 40 lbs of apples.  Maybe less.  But the raspberries were a challenge.  It took us about an hour, probably a little more, to pick 6.5 lbs.  We filled the box with a mix of red and golden raspberries.  I hope I have enough for one last batch of jam and I’d better not find out that the golden ones aren’t suitable for jam making.  Mark my words, if that’s the case, someone will pay.  I saw the raspberries and fixated on having to try to get one more batch of jam in.  It’s only October and we’re down to 5 jars.  I think we started going through jam at breakneck speed at about the same time we started taking in multiple gallons of milk per week.  Jam used to hang out in the fridge for the better part of a year.  Lately it seems like we’re polishing off a jar in a little over a week between crepes and peanut butter sandwiches.  All that time in the raspberries was fun though.  Chase shuttled the box between us, rolled in the grass, checked out some compost, a frog and some bugs.  There was no shortage of entertainment.  Oh, but just fyi not the best third trimester activity what with the repeated bending and all… who knew?  

library-8417We picked up a couple of squash and baking pumpkins at the farm store but didn’t pick a pumpkin for carving.  I think we’ll do the pumpkin patch next weekend.  We did get some practice in today scooping the seeds out of the little sugar pumpkin.  I used the pumpkin to make some soup.  I started out thinking about this recipe but with no leeks, chard or parsley it became kind of hard to follow.  I generally followed the recipe, leaving out the leeks and using more onion, adding a little pinch of sage, subbing watercress for the chard and almost completely pureeing the soup at the end.  It turned out to be a nice hearty soup which must pack an awesome nutritional punch.  Plus, no complaints from the peanut gallery about being meatless and/or not filling.  

I do try to make soup nights more attractive by serving bread along with it.  We didn’t buy anything yesterday because, well, we didn’t leave the house until well after lunch so I pulled out this book.  I’ve had this book forever but have only used it once.  It’s a nice book though and my bread machine turns out a perfectly serviceable loaf even if it’s not of the delicious artisinal variety.  I tried the buttermilk wheat bread and thought it made a nice loaf.  I’ll try it tomorrow toasted for sandwiches.

What did you do this weekend?  I hope you remembered to take your camera AND a charged battery.  Sigh.

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