Monday, October 12th, 2009

Happy Monday

If we’re friends on Facebook you’ve already seen this, but it’s cute you don’t mind watching it again right?  Now you know what her favorite part of the trip was.  Mine was listening to her scream at the wind while peeing in the woods.  I won’t forget that any time soon.

So tough day.  I woke up late and was the first one up.  I wasn’t going in to work and thought for sure preschool would be closed for columbus day… but it wasn’t.  That was my first dilemma and a truly silly one.  Parenting is hard.  It’s hard and emotional under ordinary circumstances and I think it’s compounded  by all of these pregnancy hormones.  As my due date approaches I am increasingly worried about what to do about school.  Do I pull Chase out of school and lose her spot, cut her back to part time or find another preschool that’s less expensive and/or closer to home?  It’s so hard to decide and I can’t even imagine pulling her out of the school with her friends and the teachers that she loves.  That pulls me in one direction but then on days like today I wake up and almost refuse to take her to school.  What kind of sense does that make?  I want to keep her in school but I don’t want to bring her there.  I acknowledge that it makes no sense, I never claimed to be rational.  

So I brought her, late, but I brought her.  I brought her because I had a sonogram scheduled for this afternoon and whenever we bring Chase, Ben doesn’t have any time to actually see anything.  That and I had errands to run and it’s got to be more fun to  play with your friends than get pushed around Costco.  The good news is I found shoes for myself.  I found shoes for Chase too but they don’t fit.  I’m annoyed but now I know.  Next time I’m just going to cut out all of this nonsense and go straight for the Stride Rite outlet.  The shoes fit and they have good selection great deals so why am I pulling my hair out trying to find something else?  These will go back and to Arundel Mills I’ll go.  

The sonogram went well.  Everything looks good.  The baby is measuring on target.  They estimate that she weighs about 3lbs 4oz.  The tech says she’s got hair.  We didn’t have any of these late sonograms for Chase so I don’t know if that means more or less than Chase had when she was born.  I’m a little worried because she’s squeezed in there feet to face that same way Chase was when she was born.  The doctor says it’s still early she could turn but I’m doubtful.  The tech says that my uterus is probably kind of heart shaped or that there’s something about my build that explains why both babies ended up squeezed in that way.  I’ll ask my ob when I see her on Friday but I can imagine what she’s going to say and I’m not thrilled about the prospect of another c-section.   

Ok, so let’s end on a happy note.  We picked enough raspberries to make two batches of jam.  I made the first tonight and I’ll finish it off tomorrow.  It’s good too.  I already tried some on toast from the leftover bread from yesterday.  That makes me smile.  Oh, and if you’re visiting for the first time from Sew, Mama, Sew, welcome!  I hope you stick around!  Oh my, I just read all of the lovely comments, thanks for all the love!

Here are some lousy pics.  The first two are profiles and the third is a 3d profile view.  Her chubby little face is squished into her legs and she would NOT move.  You can see her profile though if you use your imagination a little.  Her forehead is a little wobbly looking but if you follow it down you can kind of see eyes and cheeks and where her nose is squished up.  It was very cute to watch all the same.  She was playing with her toes and wiggling them.  


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