Friday, October 16th, 2009

Getting Cold, Getting Spooky

library-2336It’s c-c-cold here!  Cold and soggy.  I still haven’t turned the heat on though.  I’m holding out just one more day at least.  I’ve fallen in love with our gas and electric bill from the last couple of months and I’m not quite ready to let it go yet.  I’m not in complete denial about the weather though so when Chase asked to make ginger bread boys I thought, why not?  

So, I realize now that when she asked about gingerbread boys specifically that it should have tipped me off to the fact that she was referring to something specific.  There’s a gingerbread boy story right?  Anyway, we found a recipe and mixed up the dough.  I figured it would need to chill for a while but this particular recipe specified three hours!  There was no way we were waiting that long so I just rolled it out extra carefully.  Three hours, that’s outrageous.  So I roll it out, get the first one cut and then totally lose Chase because she can’t do anything but watch the pan where we’ve put the first boy while repeating, ‘don’t let the gingerbread boy run away!’  So we only baked off two and the rest of the dough ended up chilling for three hours after all.  We didn’t bother to decorate this time but maybe for Christmas.  Gingerbread boys are delicious.

library-2330  The pixie hat is finished!  It took me about two weeks but I finally sat down and devoted an hour to finishing off the i cord.  She actually likes it.  But now she need a scarf!  I learned so much from this simple project.  Three needle bind off, changing colors and how to pick up stitches.  All simple things I know, but I’m still a beginner.  I love that the project is easy enough to complete with just enough challenge to leave you feeling like you really accomplished something.  I cast on Ben’s hat twice last night but had to pull it out both times.  I can’t remember what happened the first time but the second time I started knitting with the cast on tail and decided that I was done.  Kind of like when you start almost sewing your fingers with the machine.  It was time for bed.  

Oh, and I finally found shoes for her!  Finally.  You have no idea.  I found them way out in Charles County at Stride Rite.  I decided I’d pay five bucks more than I would if I went out to Arundel Mills just to save myself the trip but they rang up a full ten dollars less than they were on the sticker.  I got an excellent deal on these shoes.  I’m thrilled.    Nobody at work wants to hear about it anymore.  

library-2355We’re also finally getting spooky around here.  I caved and put up a few decorations.  That’s the garland I’ve been working on.  It borrows quite obviously from the goodnight garland.  It’s cute, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I’ll be honest though, I kind of underestimated how much decoration we would need.  You’re looking at it, all of it.  Time to do a little research about what else we can do.  Hmm, I’m looking at this picture and seeing that it needs some adjustment… meh.  I’ve already lost interest. 

Last but not least, a few random bits.  I returned Chase’s old, nearly destroyed Sigg to Whole Foods today for a new one with the eco-liner and they exchanged it.  No fuss no muss.  Much easier than mailing it back to Sigg.  Also had an ob appointment and was glad to hear her say that I shouldn’t assume this baby will stay breach.  She’s a straight shooter I think she’d tell me if she really thought otherwise.  She also told me she’d see me in two weeks.  Two week appointments already??  She’s scheduling me for another ultrasound between 34 and 36 weeks so we’ll have a better idea of position by that time.  Fingers crossed.  Happy Friday!

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