Saturday, October 17th, 2009


dsc_0010The day is drawing to a close so I’ll just take these few minutes to send a few more happy birthday wishes his way.  He had a quiet day and took it easy as you can see from the picture… though maybe you can’t tell that he ate dinner in his pyjamas.  You can do that kind of stuff on your birthday.  I certainly intend to.dsc_0005 So, I also thought these were trick candles.  The ones he got with me with last year.  I thought we had a few leftover but no, he blew them right out.  So there’s me, tricked again.

We had a lot of fun making this cake but the process was MESSY.  I guess I should say AND the process was messy rather than but.  I think messy is a given when baking with an almost three year old.  When it was finally time to cut the cake.  I whispered to Ben to only give her a sliver because she had clearly already eaten her fair share of cake and icing at various stages throughout the day as evidenced by the front of her short and pants.  Big mess.

dsc_0016dsc_0015It took me weeks to figure it out but I came up with a present.  We went to the mall today and picked out this hat.  Chase was pretty excited about the whole thing.  I love that she gets the concept of birthdays for other people.  She was so into making the cake, picking a hat for daddy and singing happy birthday.  I thought it was wonderful I hope Ben did too.  I’m just glad that I didn’t think of what I wanted to get him until today so he didn’t have time to figure me out.  I’ve never met anyone who could sniff out a gift like that man.

Well, happy birthday to you!  I hope you enjoyed your ugly cake.  Here’s to many, many more ugly cakes, off tune birthday songs and thrown together family dinners.  I love you.

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