Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Random Thoughts at 31 Weeks

library-50So I think I posted pictures every other week with Chase and this time… not so much.  I figured it was about time for a little progress report.  There’s a lot going on in there.  Sometimes kind of painful but in weird places like way down in my pelvis or right on top of my bladder.  Maybe she decided to turn a little?  Dare I dream?  Meanwhile, I’m slow and lumbering.  I always start out strong in the morning but by 7 or so there’s just nothing left.  My back hurts and I’m crabby.  Ben loves it.  He gets me and Chase at our best early in the morning when we’re grumpy and at the end of the day when we’re grumpy all over again.  

Since I am now undeniably huge we decided to panic about the next couple of months.  Tonight’s state of the union involved evaluating the two estimates we have on the roof so far and coming to the realization that we’re looking at 60 days from now until my due date.  Really, that looks more like the time between now and Thanksgiving because everything after that is likely to be a blur.  That’s really what cued the panic and the consumption of a number of gingerbread cookies.  Neither of which made me feel any better about how much we have to do in no time at all.  Maybe nachos will help?  I’m ravenous.  Ravenous I tell you.  Unfortunately my stomach has been nearly squished out of commission.  I haven’t given up completely though.  I’m bravely pressing forward.

Speaking of food.  We may or may not be hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Either way, the November Gourmet has some very nice looking recipes that I’d like to try.  I haven’t picked up Gourmet in a long time but since this is the last issue I decided to pick it up and read it nearly cover to cover.  Is this a particularly good issue or have I been missing out all this time?  I really like Ruth Reichl’s writing but never felt particularly compelled to pick up the magazine and read.  Now I’m thinking about picking up her new book about her mother.  Her interview on Fresh Air was pretty good.  But back to turkey day for a minute.  What’s on your menu?

So that’s it.  Nothing profound or earth shattering.  Work has remained relatively calm, thankfully.  The calendar for next week is threateningly full but I’m going to work my little tail of tomorrow to try to mitigate it a little.  Especially since I agreed to pick up a few hours on Friday to make up for my chair splurging… or maybe in preparation for what may turn into one of those periods of money hemorrhage.  Hopefully nothing falls apart.

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