Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Dry Run

library-62I wish I could wait for the big unveiling but I am seriously excited about this costume.  We had our first fitting today.  I was truly convinced that C would take one look at it and say, um, what is that?  Somehow though she knew right away  oh, it’s a popcorn box.  Also sometimes referred to as a popcorn bag.  Either way, it doesn’t bother me so long as she likes it.  

Tomorrow is the first party!  Exciting.  Except that means this costume has to hold up through two parties this weekend, a party at school next week and THEN, finally Halloween.  I’ve been working on popcorn all night.  That’s all I have left to do.  The box could use a little stuffing but I’m afraid that she’ll be too hot during the indoor parties.  I’ll spend the rest of the night making these tiny balls of popcorn and figure the rest out in the morning.  Halloween!

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