Monday, October 26th, 2009

5 Bucks and 20 Minutes

library-148And no one will ever see that plumber’s butt again, cute as it might be.  We’re in some kind of size limbo.  Chase is stuck somewhere between a 2t and a 3t for pants.  Somehow a 2t is too small and a 3t just won’t stay up.  Well, no more!  Now I can cinch them up tight.

These were quick and easy to make.  Just the way I like it.  I’m not really supposed to be working on any projects because a) I have to finish up Chase’s costume in time for the big day b) I have last minute party details to think about and c) There are some personal finance matters that I have to attend to.  Booo.  That’s all I have to say about that. But I let myself make these because they really only took 20 minutes inclusive of the time it took me to run into Joann to grab the webbing.  

They are also truly easy.  Except for the ribbon.  Don’t reinvent the wheel ok?  As soon as I had stitched it on and tried to close it I remembered that Juliette at Chickpea had attempted something similar a while back.  Der.  So I had to make some changes.  It works now but if only I had remembered her sage advice sooner.  I used 1″ webbing and the 1″ rings conveniently located directly adjacent to each other.  You can use all kinds of stuff but I wanted something quick and easy here.  Incidentally, take a peek at Juliette’s blog she’s having a cute giveaway.

Overall, less money and less time than it would have taken me to locate something size and age appropriate at the mall for sure.  Ok, enough for now.  I have to go back to complaining and being uncomfortable.  These braxton hicks contractions are getting me down.

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