Thursday, October 29th, 2009


library-070Sorry if I’ve been a bit neglectful.  I’ve come down with something and have spent the last couple of days more or less being a slug.  I hate being sick while I’m pregnant because I worry about all kinds of things I wouldn’t otherwise worry about.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I call my ob to put my mind at ease.  It means I go back and forth between worrying that something’s wrong and wondering if I’m overreacting.  Makes me feel like a maniac.  The good news is my regularly scheduled visit is tomorrow so hopefully I can get this off my mind.

library-075So we had a dry run on Chase’s Halloween costume last weekend.  It still needed some tweaking.  Some of the popcorn started to fall off toward the end of the party.  So I’ve added a little shelf to reinforce it a little.  It should give me more surface to stitch the popcorn onto and maybe I’ll add a dab or two of glue.  The big day is right around the corner.  I can’t believe how fast this week went and I’ve accomplished next to nothing.  So tomorrow she’ll get to test drive the costume one more time before the big event so I guess I’ll get one more chance to make it work if need be.  She keeps telling people she’s going to be a popcorn and nobody can quite conceptualize what that might look like.  I was going to wait until Halloween to actually post pictures but no biggie right?  What’s a day or two?

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