Saturday, October 31st, 2009


library-159So I think we love Halloween around here just a little bit.  It comes as a little bit of a surprise because it never meant much to me and Ben has this deep seated moral opposition to all “made up” holidays.  But it’s really, really hard not to take just a little pleasure in something that makes the wee ones so very happy.

library-173Chase had about 7 of her besties over for a little pre-trick-or-treating party today.  We consulted magazines, made plans, lists and got started early this morning.  We hit that market for some local cider, some nuts for snacking, soup fixins and a lovely rustic peasant loaf which never made it out with the soup because you always forget something.  That left us just enough time for a quick face painting.  Chase wanted a lion.  I just never know what’s going to come out of this girl’s mouth.  She was so pleased when the girl showed her in the mirror.  Thrilled.  It’s still on there.  She wanted one more day.

library-176 We came home and got right to work on getting stuff together.  I roasted the squash for Erin’s soup last night so there wasn’t too much left to throw together today.  I subbed veggie broth for my vegetarian friends and didn’t bother with the bacon bits per her instructions.  I really had fun with this soup.  It went together really fast and was yummy considering just how little work it was.  I think this if the first party we’ve ever had where I truly enjoyed myself and just didn’t worry.  I thought about making the soup in advance and then putting it in the crockpot in the dining room but in the end?  It was easier to just leave it on the simmer burner and let people help themselves.  I set up the cups and sour cream nearby and, upon my return, the soup pot was empty.  Yay, easy.

treat-bagsSo I got a lot of my ideas from the MS Halloween issue.  The old me would have gotten hung up on not ‘finishing’ projects but the new me says hey, look how you took those ideas and made them your own! library-177Way to go!

So, if you look at the table you’ll see the yummy popcorn and candy apples that Mel brought.  Incidentally a somewhat ironic picture of the toothfairy and popcorn… eating popcorn.  We also made cupcakes.  I left the frosting off and stuck the cupcake toppers in there and they were going-outplenty cute.  Not one complaint about missing the icing and there was plenty other sugar to go around.  You can see them there just moments after being pillaged.  They sat atop a bed of jelly beans in Halloween type colors.  I thought it was cute.  I’ll use that again in a single color for birthday parties I think.  The spooky basket, cups and plates all came from Target.  The treat bags are filled with candy corn and gross toy frogs that came from Target too.  Chase helped me stamp them this morning.

library-163The only other decoration was in the form of a dozen orange balloons.  I love balloons, for me, they really make a party.  Driving with a dozen helium library-182balloons in your hatch?  Wow.

As things started to wind down and people started leaving, the kids watched the great pumpkin and ate some hot dogs.  Nothing fancy but eating in the living room with your friends while watching a movie is indeed a big treat.  I didn’t really factor in hotdog orders from adults though I guess I should have.  Live and learn.  The movie was just long enough to get them focussed and eating before heading out for more CANDY! Did you catch all the costumes yet?  Check the scuba tank… love it.

All in all, an excellent Halloween.  My heart is very happy to have spent the day with such wonderful friends.  What could be more fun?  Maybe we’ll make it a tradition and do it again next year.  Maybe.  :)


And of course I call this one “No Mas Chocolate”


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