Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Just One More Day of Orange

library-2062They finally came and way in advance of the worst case scenario end of November estimate.  They do that to make you feel fantastic when they ship four weeks early don’t they?  So I like!  And I’m glad we went with orange.  Do you see why I didn’t want to bother with matching wood now?  What a pain.  I’m not great at staging pictures.  I took a bunch and this was one of the only shots without a dog butt in it.  I trip on them and step on them and they persist with being constantly underfoot.  Our kitchen is also crazy hard to shoot.  It’s a small square room with a narrow hallway in one corner with the opening partly eclipsed by pantry shelves.  If you stand in the dog bed and lean just so you can kind of get your shot.

Also, that’s all the jam.  I haven’t yet figured out where to store it.  We were almost out and now we have a crazy surplus.  What happened to happy medium??  I’ll start suggesting pb&j twice a day.  So the new chairs and all the jam have helped me to realize that we have a lot of empty  wall space and that we could use a little open storage for display.  I think I like looking at the jam.  Maybe a few little shelves somewhere.  I don’t really want to shut them away in the cupboard.  Although, that’s probably the best way to store it.

The point is we’re all happy with the chairs.  Chase likes them because, as she explains it, they’re for big girls and she doesn’t have to kneel.


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