Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

A Little Follow Up

10-26-lauras-enthusiastic-cheeeseRemember that de-stashing giveaway I had a while back?  One of those cool patterns went to Erin who sent me this picture as a little update.  How cute?  I’m so glad that she put it to good use and right away too!  She keeps asking me questions to throw me off her scent but the girl can sew!  She made this as a cute gift for her adorable niece Laura.  She did send me some pictures of her modeling but this will have to do until I get the go ahead to post those.

I  don’t know if I can claim to have recruited her into the world of sewing but I love that I had some small part in contributing to a successful sewing experience.  I hope it’s enough to keep her going at least for a little while.  Did I mention that she made her own binding for the arm and neck holes?  She’s a natural.  Now she just needs her own blog so I can link to it :)

Well, that’s about it.  Do I sound upbeat and happy?  It’s true, I’m glad that the dress was successful but I don’t feel that way so much.  We’ve spent the last several weeks discussing and planning and working up to some very grown up type decisions.  The very suckiest kind on my opinion.  So it turns out that, as hard as it was, the thinking and planning part was actually the easy bit.  Now that those plans are actually set in stone to some extent I am completely freaking out.  I don’t do well with transitional phases and the next few months can’t possibly be described as anything else.  What’s that Liz Lemon says?  Blurgh.

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