Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Check It Out :: Mallow Munchies

library-322Amazingly I remembered to take a picture before I ripped the package open and completely devoured the contents.  Doesn’t it seem like I’m always apologizing for pictures taken after the fact?   Sorry, I almost ate all of this before I took a picture but, after all, it was delicious.  But I digress.  Ben pointed out this stand to me this morning knowing I have a weakness for rice crispy treats.  A weakness so great in fact that I will resort to eating the ones in the blue foil.  I have however thus far managed not to buy a super-sized box of them at Costco and now I won’t ever have to.

First of all, Nikki and her husband are really nice people.  There are a handful of stands at the market that I really enjoy buying from.  The hydroponic guy who I’m certain slips me extra tomatoes because I’m pregnant and have Chase and wants to make sure we receive adequate nutrition, more recently, the pesticide free lady that my neighbor frequents, and now the Mallow Munchies folks.  I should probably get to know these people’s names.  Of course then I’d also have to remember them.  Maybe one day.

My first mistake with these treats was taking the free sample.  It was good, really good.  That’s how this one followed me home.  I went for original because I’m a rice crispy treat purist but they had lots of varieties.  Some had chocolate and some had caramel.  The best part is that the ingredients list is short.  Really short.  Astoundingly short and mostly because Nikki makes her own marshmallows.  The treats are soft and gooey and taste like vanilla.  Good vanilla.  As I munched away I wondered what kind of vanilla she’s using because the vanilla flavor is really obvious and clean.

Like any good handcrafted product, the treats aren’t cheap but they are huge.  I’ve been working on mine all day.  So if you’re at the 32nd Street market next weekend stop by for your free sample, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  My big hope?  That she starts selling the plain old marshmallows.  I’d shell out for a bag of those not to mention it’s almost hot chocolate season.

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