Sunday, November 15th, 2009

One Pot Cincinnati Chili

library-3281I can decisively say that this is my favorite chili.  I like Jamie’s recipe for chili con carne, Martha’s recipe for turkey chili and the slow cooker white chicken chili from Cooking Light.  But Cincinnati chili is definitely my favorite.

This version is a one skillet dish from the Cook’s Illustrated Cover and Bake cookbook.  The spaghetti for chili mac really shouldn’t be mixed in like this nor should the beans but in this recipe the macaroni cooks right in the sauce, one pot!  Oh, and the beans?  Made in the crockpot.  I cooked them all day and they got nice and soft.  Easy.  I put half in the chili and half in the freezer.This recipe also doesn’t have you boil the meat as you ordinarily would.  I’m pretty sure I posted the traditional version of the Cook’s Illustrated recipe but here’s a recap that features that recipe as well as Rachel’s from Coconut & Lime, another Baltimorean.  The Cover and Bake version is here.   Just be sure to use a pot big enough to accommodate all of the liquid.  I have a deep skillet that came with my pressure cooker and it works really well for this dish.  It must be about 4″ deep but otherwise looks like a 10 or 12″ skillet.

We top Cinci chili with grated cheese.  I omitted the cayenne and Ben declared it delicious for the first time.  He always eats it but I guess he usually finds it too spicy.  Last night we couldn’t stop going back for more.  I was hopeful that Chase would eat it since it looks like spaghetti and sauce but she took about two bites and declared that she was done.  I can only guess it was all the new intense flavors.  She just skimmed the cheese off the top.  I’m kind of hungry again just thinking about it.  Maybe I’ll heat up another bowl and have a snack while I peruse the baby name book.

It was like 90 degrees here.  We went to the park, me and Chase that is, and then to Belvedere square so I could finally get my sandwich from Atwater’s.  I got a cup of soup that was so good.  It was something like butternut squash with crab and shrimp.  But it wasn’t creamy, it was a broth and had delicious sliced mushrooms in it.  I should have paid more attention.  I’d eat it for lunch again in a heartbeat.    We walked around a little while longer then returned to evaluate Ben’s progress.  It appears that the front and back room are now insulated!  Only our room has been patched but I’m hopeful that he’ll get to the back room sometime this week.  Then we can get ready to paint next weekend.

Chase has decided that she wants that to be her room.  So it looks like we’ll be moving her down the hall and moving the baby into her room.  It seemed like a good idea until we realized that it might mean painting two rooms instead of one.  I was hoping to get the hallway worked in there too but it looks like that might not happen.  We’ll see.  30 days to go.

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