Saturday, November 21st, 2009


library-338We’re all trying to do a little.  We went out briefly this morning for a parent-teacher conference and that was it.  We stayed in.  I tried to think of a reason to go out.  I almost succeeded too but in the end I couldn’t come up with anything that I could really justify.  So we stayed in… and played.  With actual toys.  I feel like that happens to rarely recently.  During the week it feels like the few moments that we spend at home are jam packed with requests for tv.  Today though Chase actually pulled out some neglected toys and played with them.  Even did a little mix and match with her toys to make it a little more interesting.  It was great and not a single meltdown.  We did some drawing and made our favorite banana muffins.  It was an all around good day so maybe December won’t be such a total disaster.

Tonight I’ve been concentrating on a Thanksgiving game plan.  I think I’ve got everything nailed down.  Except for a recipe for rolls.  I can’t remember what I used last time.  If I can’t figure it out I’ll just use something basic out of the BHG cookbook.  Takes all the guess work out of it.

So it looks like this year will be roast turkey, stuffing (dressing really), cranberries, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts with bacon, corn pudding and/or carrot souffle.  It’s split about 50/50 between tried and true methods or recipes and new stuff that I’ve come across.  I tried to plan so that the dishes are spread between stovetop, oven and toaster oven in a workable way.  All I have to do now is get the timing set and we’ll be good to go.  I’m also still debating on trying dry brining instead of traditional brining this year.  Just seems like a really good way to save space.  Oh, I forgot about this soup.  Soups on for lunch.

I’m up late right now making my list.  Hopefully we’ll start early tomorrow and get our shopping done without losing the whole day.  Ha!

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