Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

One Yard Wonders!

library-356library-363My book finally arrived yesterday courtesy of Storey Publishing, thank you!!  I can’t stop touching it.  Every chance I get I leaf through the 101 cool sewing projects contributed by so many awesome crafty people.  I wish I had two so I could give one to you but as much as I love you I can’t give you this one.  I neeeeed it.  Plus it’s really, really cool to see your name in print! library-362library-365

I have already marked a bunch of projects to try.  I could really use a new bag and this one is really cool.  It’s hard to pick there are about 4 different ones that I really like.  I’m also totally in love with this little dress which is very similar to the one I picked up at Target the other week.  I have to get to work or I’m never going to get to this growing list of projects!

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