Friday, December 4th, 2009

Going Out with a Bang

library-476Today was my last official day at the office.  Of course now that I think about it, I can’t recall either of my bosses actually saying bye to me when they left.  I’ll probably get a call on Tuesday with questions about where the heck I am.  All of the other staff however chipped in and gave me a lovely card and a nice little gift that I can go out and blow at Babies R Us.  I love a good gift card… or three!  Wasn’t that nice?  It was nice that they took the time to put that together.  And now I’ll have something to do next week between stinking doctor’s appointments.  

Did you see me on the news last night?!  No?  I’m not shocked.  Apparently no one watches the 11 o’clock news and if they do, apparently, not on channel 2.  We were at the monument lighting last night and I answered a few questions about the whole mayor controversy.  I could get used to that kind of attention, it’s intoxicating.  The monument lighting itself was a lot of fun.  We got cider and cookies and waited for what seemed like forever for the fireworks but it was worth it.  Chase and the other hundreds of children with their ears covered seemed to enjoy themselves.

Now for a nice relaxing weekend to begin.  Hahahahaha.  Tomorrow, the photographer is going to try to get over here again as we still have not managed to coordinate anything.  Then the car goes in for service.  Then Ben wants to paint the back room for Chase.  That means paint to pick and rugs and curtains to find.  I used to enjoy this kind of stuff.  I used to really enjoy it.  I might have even attempted to make them myself at one point.  I just don’t see that happening here although I’m envisioning something maybe in gingham.  I’m sure  I can find something somewhere.  Doesn’t gingham seem like a sweet fabric for a little girl’s room?  Plenty to do and wow, a whole week to do it.  But hey, guess what?!  I don’t have to go back to work and somehow that makes everything ok.

Meanwhile the Saturn is still in the shop.  We finally got word from Geico that they are not going to cover the repair because even though we were struck in the rear and the gas pump, which is the piece that’s malfunctioning, is also located in the rear of the vehicle they won’t cover the repair because Ben was able to drive away from the scene of the accident and the part didn’t malfunction until later.  That’s bogus.  Totally bogus.  Not only that but they made me send back the property damage check that was already cut by Allstate to have them do that evaluation and as far as I can tell have neglected to do their own estimate on the property damage which means yet more phone calls next week.  I’m so over the phone calls.  Just get it done already.

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