Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Where There’s Snow…

cocoa3There’s cocoa!  My first day off was not at all restful and frankly I’m so beat now that I’m just going to cut my losses tonight and try again tomorrow.  I finally got synched up with my friend to do the photos.  She said she’d get the photos edited tonight and that I could see them tomorrow.  That’s almost too long.  I can’t wait to see them!  I took a couple of shots with Chase that I think have a lot of potential so I am REALLY hopeful that at least one of those turns out.  Oh, and the homemade marshmallows?  Really gilding the lilly.

butteryellowThen it was off to pick paint.   I know, thrilling.  I have two methods.  The two week method that requires multiple paint chips and a great deal of agonizing and the 10 minute method that involved grabbing the first thing I see that “looks” right and hoping for the best.  I went with the latter today considering the weather and that I had an appointment to bring the car in for service only 20 minutes later.

Chase asked for yellow so I narrowed it down to a few and then chose what I thought was the best fit.  I’m glad we didn’t go to Home Depot or Ben FOR SURE would have let her choose from the Disney collection.  He was extremely disappointed that this yellow is so muted.  When we got home I ran it through their visualizer.  I kind of wished I’d taken the time to do this ahead of time but I’m reasonably certain that I would have arrived at the same decision.  So now I’m just looking forward to getting started.

I will say that taking your car in for service is not the way to spend a Saturday.  We tried to cut our losses and take a break for lunch while the car was being worked on.  Unfortunately Toyota is sandwiched between Taco Bell and Denny’s.  I probably would have investigated further but the weather was so miserable.  I thought Denny’s for sure was the lesser of the two evils.  We’re all suffering.  All of us.  Poor Chase.  I heard a noise and very rudely asked what was that??  She told me that she stepped on something.  Mmmm hmm.  Who is teaching her excuses like that?  It really burns me up that the food is lousy, is not cheap and then on top of all that destroys your innards.

I did manage to slip over to check out holiday heap.  Santa, are you listening?  It also comes in the folksy print which can be special ordered if you don’t see it listed.  I think the large bangle bag would make a nifty diaper bag.

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