Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

The Many Faces of the First Few Days

dsc_0020There are many and I’ll show you some of them.  Not, of course, including mine.  Although, it is significantly less puffy and dark circled than before.  

I wanted to title this post the many faces of Avery but it’s hard to get pictures!  Anyway, we’re finally home.  As I suspected, recovering from a c-section adds an extra special dynamic to this post-partum period.  Chase seems to totally get it.  She’s not begging for me to pick her up or do any of the things that she typically asks me to do.  It’s nice to not have to constantly tell her no and try to explain why I can’t do stuff for her.

dsc_0007To be totally honest though, I was just getting comfortable in the hospital.  I had finally broken the routine there down to a science and even though I only cut my stay short by a little less than 24 hours there was a moment last night when I seriously doubted my decision.  Very seriously doubted it.  My pain was not under control and it was really, really hard.  It appears that there were some problems that were easy enough to solve but that goes back to the whole getting the routine down to a science thing.  It just doesn’t happen over night and certainly not in just a few short hours.

Other than that things have been going pretty well.  Ben’s been doing a great job and we’ve had tremendous support from friends and family which is ENORMOUSLY appreciated.  Ben’s really doing a super job though.  It’s nice that he has some time off so that he can actually focus on routine matters like dinner and pick up/ drop off.  Very nice.  A sackful of goodies from Whole Foods didn’t hurt either.

dsc_0013So, I’m feeling pretty good right now.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings but right now I’m optimistic that like today tomorrow will be just a little bit better and that each day thereafter will continue in to improve until I’m feeling like myself again.  I get my staples out tomorrow and that’s a step in the right direction I’m sure.  On Wednesday Avery sees the pediatrician.  I’m anxious to see what she’s doing weight wise because the greedy little monkey nurses like crazy.  Did I mention that she’s awesome?  I’m smitten, we all are.  Even when she’s tooting it up.  There was much discussion about this at dinner time.  In retrospect, Ben was probably right that it wasn’t appropriate table talk but I thought it was too funny at the moment.  I’m listening to her squeaking and farting in her bassinet right now. It’s funny how different she is from Chase.  Chase never had gas like this but I’m glad that it’s not painful!

Tomorrow Chase goes back to school.  I’m going to try to remember to have her wear her I’m the big sister tshirt so she can tell all her friends about her baby sister and best friend Avery.  She’s still pretty excited about it.  I really tried to get a picture of her eyes for you.  They’re the craziest color.  They seem to photograph black but they’re steel blue, gun metal.  I think Chase’s may have been the same.  Why can’t I remember?

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