Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Except Sleepy Was One of the Dwarves… Not a Reindeer

dsc_0011Christmas is coming!  It’s a week away to be exact.  The tree is (mostly) trimmed and presents have (mostly) been ordered.  Everything is done enough that if something left on the list doesn’t get done no one will notice and that gives me great peace. Chase is turning three this year.  I think that makes this Christmas particularly important.  I’ve already heard her utter the word Santa this season and she shows a marked preference for the Charlie Brown Christmas music over other selections.  So, that means that this year we MUST solidify what will be our household Christmas tradition.

Lots of people blend holiday traditions.  This really shouldn’t be as complicated as I’ve made it out to be in my head.  Honestly, we both celebrate Christmas it’s just a matter of picking and choosing how.  At our house we mostly adopted my grandparent’s European traditions.  We opened presents on Christmas Eve though they were delivered by Santa and not the Christkind.  That worked for us.  We would have dinner at my grandparents house and open gifts there.  A dinner for which my father showed up late every. single. year.  Although, remarkably, by the time we got home Santa had always been there!  Ben did the traditional Christmas day stuff and I think that without some kind of structure in place to support the Christmas Eve tradition that it’s just too hard to maintain.

As a compromise, we’ve decided to open our family presents on Christmas Eve and open presents from Santa on Christmas morning.  I can live with that.  I suspect that lots of people do that anyway.  I think it would also be nice for this to be a time to exchange some handmade goodness so in that vein I made Chase some new pyjamas.  This year, it will just have to be pants because I just don’t have time to work on a set but maybe next year.  She’ll be completely decked out in silly reindeer print.  I ordered the shirt and while it’s a little loud, I didn’t think about looking for plain thermals at LL Bean or Land’s End until, well, today.  So… you know.  Make it work, right?  At least it’s the right pink.

Then there’s the whole stocking issue.  I’ve only lived in a handful of places without a fireplace and honestly it didnt’ matter… until now.  We had a gas fireplace that was enormous and took up half of the living room.  So we took it out.  No we hang our stockings near the tree but I find it’s lacking a little something.  We’ve decided to adopt a third party tradition!  I know, highly unorthodox but it’s too cute.  My friend Chelsea’s family hangs their stockings then when Santa comes he takes them down from wherever they are, fills them and puts them in the recipients’ beds.    I love that so we’re going to do it because it will be better than taking them down from where they’re currently hanging for opening.

It feels good to finally just decide.  What traditions do you celebrate?

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