Monday, January 4th, 2010


I’ve been neglecting this space lately.  I’m thinking it has something to do with the recent ringing in of the new year and the reflection that’s supposed to come along with it.  The last couple of posts that I wrote were getting there but I just don’t think that I have the capacity for any serious self reflection right now.  I wish I did though because I’ve been working my way through all kinds of great, funny new years posts in my feed reader.  

My reluctance is only compounded by Chase’s birthday.  Yet another opportunity for reflection on the last year, sigh.  I do think that this year I’ll take the time to write down how she’s changed since turning two because it seems that this is the year that she’s really blossomed into her own littler person.  Happy birthday, Chase.  I love you greatly (even though I hear your door creaking because you are out of bed as I write this at nearly 10pm, grr).  Hello three.

The birthday festivities went well.  It always hits me as the date approaches that we will never have a summer party.  No picnics no barbecues and so it always seems like a good idea to do a little something fun outside of the house.  Maybe once the kiddies are old enough to play musical chairs without shoving each other out of the way I might attempt a party at the home.

Chase was so happy to have all of her friends for bowling.  I love seeing her so thrilled.  I know she’ll be talking about it all week.  Stoneleigh Lanes was a great experience.  Just great.  We will definitely be back there on days that require an indoor activity.  So much fun!  Ben picked up the cupcakes from new system and  Melissa picked up the balloon and candies for me before the party today.   The whole affair couldn’t have been simpler.  I even remembered to bring the cupcake stand.  Thank you Target.  Now, back in the box for you until next year.

And there you have it, another superficial and only mildly interesting post.  I’ll get my mojo back one of these days right?  …and now for the end of Cranford.

Maybe Avery will try bowling next year.

Chase wanted to try out her presents right away.

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